About  White Knight Engineered Products

Launched in 1947 as an Asheville, North Carolina-based hosiery mill, White Knight Engineered Products quickly expanded into a myriad of disposable garments for industrial applications. These garments, made from nonwoven fabrics, propelled the company’s early success, in addition to substantial early market share in drapes, gowns, and scrubs for surgery centers.

Our deep experience in technical garments, especially with regard to specialty fabrics and precision construction methods, saw White Knight become a key player in the production of reusable cleanroom garments used by some of the largest biopharmaceutical and semiconductor companies in the world.

Now headquartered in the southern business hub of Charlotte, North Carolina, White Knight has production facilities in Central America and Asia. White Knight is part of the privately-held Intertech Group family of companies. After more than 60 years, White Knight is recognized as one of the premier outfitters of high-performance garments for a variety of controlled environments and industries.

At White Knight, we apply our technology and expertise to build garments for the automotive, electronics, medical, food service, aerospace, and construction industries. Everyone needs a White Knight that’s big enough to fulfill your order efficiently, yet small enough to listen to your needs.


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