Fabric-Based Design

In order for a garment to perform, it all starts with material selection.  At White Knight, we partner with some of the most advanced textile suppliers in the world and carry an inventory of fabrics for a variety of applications.  We offer garments made with low-linting and static dissipating fabrics for cleanrooms, poly-cotton blends for food processing and laboratories plus flame retardant Nomex® for high-voltage work.  Our High-Visibility garments won’t fade after numerous washings, and meet the strict standards necessary for ANSI compliance.

Listed below are the White Knight standard fabrics that are in stock and ready to be made into garments.
Specialty fabrics or colors that are not listed can be sourced from one of our global textile partners.

Integrity 1800

Integrity® 1800

A high-performance fabric with standards that meet the demands of the pharmaceutical industry.  Integrity® 1800 features the smallest pore size in its class, giving it excellent particle filtration capability.  It is also treated with Aegis® anti-technology for added protection.

Specifications: 99% Polyester, 1% Carbon – 2.8 oz./sq. yard
Colors: White, Navy, Light Blue

ESD Stripe

HD ESD Stripe

This high-density polyester calendered fabric has a construction that resists fluids and includes carbon striping for electrostatic dissipation. It is designed for cleanrooms up to and including Class 10 (ISO 4) for bacterial filtration, static charges, as well as particulate and fluid resistance. Multiple ESD fabric options include Maxima® by Burlington®.

Specifications: 99% Polyester, 1% Carbon – 2.8 oz./sq. yard
Colors: White, Navy, Ceil Blue

Nomex CXP

Nomex® CXP6 Style 106000

This highly technical flame-resistant material meets the exacting demands of NFPA 70E requirements for electrical worker safety and PPE systems.  These garments are made with Nomex® CXP6 fabric for superior performance and optimum comfort.

Specifications: 100% Nomex® IIIA – 6.0 oz./sq. yard
Arc Rating (ATPV) – 6.5 cal/sq. centimeter

Colors: Royal Blue



This fabric is constructed of a durable twill weave with a carbon grid for electrostatic dissipation.  It provides superior air porosity but maintains excellent resistance to paint penetration.  In addition, C1® also controls contamination of particulates and fibers.

Specifications: 99% Polyester, 1% Carbon – 3.5 oz./sq. yard
Colors: Royal Blue

ESD Grid

ESD Grid

Engineered for electrostatic dissipation, this non-linting, high density material is constructed with a plain-weave 99% multifilament polyester yarn and 1% carbon grid. It is rated for ISO Class 3+ cleanrooms. Options include C3® by Burlington® and White Knight brand.

Specifications: 99% Polyester, 1% Carbon – 3.0 oz./sq. yard
Colors: White, Navy

ESD Knit

ESD Knit

A breathable, lightweight fabric that helps control static discharges.  Applicable for the micro-electronics industry, this material is breathable and has a slight stretch for ease of movement.

Specifications: 91% Polyester, 9% Carbon – 2.2 oz./sq. yard
Colors: White, Blue



With its unique, tightly woven pattern, this traditional heavier weight material is extremely durable for a variety of non-sterile controlled environment applications.

Specifications: 100% Polyester – 4.2 oz./sq. yard
Colors: White, Navy



This lightweight micro-denier fabric is made with 100% continuous filament polyester to eliminate a source of lint.  It has a smooth feel for added comfort and moisture-wicking properties.

Specifications: 100% Polyester – 2.8 oz./sq. yard
Colors: Navy, Burgundy



This specialized material is made of 100% mono-filament polyester and provides exceptional value for a base level barrier fabric against acids, as well as alkaline and salt solutions.  Typically used in non-sterile environments, it can also be used in cleanrooms up to and including Class 100 (ISO 5).

Specifications: 100% Polyester – 2.5 oz./sq. yard
Colors: White, Navy, Burgundy, Light Blue

Coming Soon.

65/35 PolyCotton

This fabric is industrial launderable with a cotton-like hand.  It is lightweight, making it the perfect fabric for a base-layer (scrub) or a wrap.

Specifications: 65% Polyester, 35% Cotton – 4.5 oz./sq. yard
Colors: White, navy, Burgundy, Teal, Ceil Blue



This material is specifically designed to stand up to tough work, and tough conditions.  White Knight is the market leader providing the primary jersey knit T-Shirt for industrial laundering.  Specifically formulated to maximize wearer comfort through moisture wicking and a soft cotton-like feel.  It also provides maximum durability and color-fastness for extended garment life.

Specifications: 100% Polyester – 9.5 oz./sq. yard
Colors: Lime Yellow

*Integrity is a registered trademark owned by Precision Fabrics Group, Inc.
*Aegis is a registered trademark owned by W.M. Barr and Co. Inc.
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