Digital Sewing

With White Knight’s customization program, you get the apparel you want, in the fabric you need. Through our consultative process, we’ll work to understand your requirements for work apparel. Who will wear the garment and why? How will it be laundered, and in what environment will it see use?

Understanding the demands of your workplace, we’ll work quickly to find the right fabric to pair with the right design to generate a high-performance, durable garment.  Since we innovate in the workplace apparel industry, we can leverage the latest in digital technologies, create patterns from existing garments, and even help you realize your ideas from scratch, starting with a simple sketch.

Speaking of innovation, our commitment to market leadership demands that we stay on top of apparel trends in design, fabric, and construction. While we maintain a healthy research and development effort, much of our innovation arises from customer engagements. We believe when those two streams align, innovation leadership happens.

When you engage White Knight for your custom apparel needs, you benefit from more than six decades of expertise in designing and manufacturing garments for the most challenging industrial environments in the world. See the White Knight difference for yourself, and enjoy our responsive, attentive service as we custom-tailor the apparel to meet your exact specifications.